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        "Y" Shape Stainless Steel Automatic Drum
        Detailed Description

        1. Application:
        The drum is the most advanced tannery equipment for tanning, retanning and dyeing so far.
        The drum is made of high quality AISI316L, stainless steel which have characters of cleanness and anti-corrosion. The basic structure consists of two drums firmly connected with one another,controlling drum rotation speed by frequency changer. Inner drum is divided into 3 compartments like Y shape,each with an automatic door. The entire board of the inner drum is uniformly perforated. Intensive recycle movement of the liquid is achieved by built-in liquid-leading boards. Via a hollow axle and channel, the liquid reaches feed tank where all parameters could be measured, then it flows rapidly back to the inner drum. The main motor, reducer and control elements are world famous brands to ensure stable performance and accuracy control.

        3. Characters:
        1) Ensure dyeing conformance of every piece ,any drum or patch uniform and consistant, without any dyeing defects, spots, twining or tearing (except artificial factors).
        2) Large capacity; occupy small spacethe machine can moveeconomical and effective; environmental protection; easy operation; safety and reliable. Due to the special structure in the drum body, The chemical and water blend rapidly and diffuse more quickly into hides, so the soaking time could be reduced up to 50%;only 1:1.2 liquid percentage will meet the technological requirements with reduction of 50% water and 20% chemical separately.

        3) Drum can accurately control the temperature of the liquid inside the drum automatically. The chemical container attached directly to the pipe, the drum body, in adding water and materials without stop drum operation.
        4With automatic ventilation, jet, cross flow circulation system. Not only the liquid in the drum can flow rotated along with the drum, but also flow in a transverse way and flow to another chamber perforation drum chamber.Auto air-exchange, drainage and three auto sliding doors are all strictly sealed which ensure the cleaning of the working environment.

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        Add: 98, west renmin road,sheyang district,yancheng city,Jiangsu province,China.
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